About Us

I’m Lisa Jo Schiele and I’m an extended member of Barb’s family.  I oversee Barb’s website, the email address and social media accounts.

I’m a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and a genealogy enthusiast.  True to form, I tend to be a bit introverted and a socially awkward and perfectly happy to hand over my findings and let other people share them.

I’m not from North Dakota and I’ve never met Barb.  However, I believe that she has pulled me into her story for a reason.

My experience with family history research and tracking down distant relatives has resulted in a skill set that has proven very useful for researching the people around Barb at the time of her disappearance.

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be on a podcast (and that I would do it WILLINGLY) I would have questioned their sanity.  I also would never have pictured myself reaching out to people I don’t know almost everyday. Especially when I know that there’s probably a fair number of them who aren’t going to want to talk to me.

Barb definitely pushes me outside of my comfort zone on a regular basis.  If there’s even a small chance that it could lead to new information, I’m going to do it!

I never share the information people send me unless I have their permission to do so.  I want the truth and there’s no chance of obtaining it if people don’t feel like they can trust me with it.

My goal is to find Barb so she can be brought home to her family, her friends and her community.

They all deserve that.

Barb deserves that!